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The Columbia College Chicago Art Conservation Program in Florence

Students in the Columbia College Art Conservation Program spent their junior year in Florence furthering their studies and gained practical training. Students Sara Kalinoski, London Rideaux, and Mimi Zycherman, currently Columbia College Chicago Art and Materials Conservation majors, talked about their study-abroad educational and hands-on conservation experiences at Lorenzo de Medici, Florence.
It is great to know that more young students are having a great opportunity to learn the basics and proper knowledge of conservation and helping them narrow down the specialties that they would like to focus on. This is a good chance of having a well rounded preliminary conservation study and we do wish the trio the best of luck in continuing on with their Masters program. It is important to know the difference between restoration and conservation.
"The Essence of Knowledge is, having it, to use it" -Confucius. 

We can't have any more of the "Monkey Jesus" or the Mr. Bean's messing up of Whistler's Mother painting! - - - just joking! but it has happened! (Mr. Bean's is not true but the Monkey Jesus is!).
A special thanks to Micheal Welsh and Russ Maki for hosting and telling us about the undergraduate program at Columbia College. A big round of applause to Sara, London and Mimi ! Good job!!!


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