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We are a Chicago area based volunteer organization comprised of individuals interested in the conservation of cultural heritage.  

Our purpose is to promote learning and exchange ideas among those interested in, or responsible for, the preservation and protection of art, library, archival museum, or historical objects, and to foster social relationships among members, their friends, and guests.

Interested in learning more?  Join us at our next meeting.

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Beloit College

The Center for Collections Care at Beloit College (C 3 ) provides one-of-a-kind opportunities for hands-on learning and practice for emerging and practicing museum, library, archive, and conservation professionals.
McCrone Microscopy Training
Register today for McCrone Research Institute online and in-person courses. Select the date to read the full course description and register securely online.

McCrone 2023 Online and In-Person Microscopy Courses


Chicago Conservation News

Rachel Sabino,"It broke: Dispatch from a Homeschooling Conservator", Art Institute of Chicago

Ashley Arico and Cybele Tom, "The Secrets of a Mummy Emerge", Art Institute of Chicago

Sarah Kelly Oehler, "Nighthawks as Hope: A Curator Muses on Edward Hopper & Crisis", Art Institute of Chicago

Sarah Molina, "Conservation: The Dilemma of Extending Life", Art Institute of Chicago

Emily R. Ehret, "Research opportunities help undergraduates embrace the ‘learning curve’", University of Chicago
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