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Hello All,

The updated CACG Constitution is complete.

Voting on the constitution has closed, we have compiled the results and edited the constitution document accordingly.


To see the new CACG Constitution, please click on "About Us" in the above menu.

     Thanks from the CACG Board

Latest Updates:

Job Openings:

An interesting job opening coming soon ...

for Object Conservators. Be on a look out! Coming soon.

For more info see: Job postings above.

Amateur Night, Friday, December 2nd, 2022



Joe Barabe (topic to be announced)

Diane Martin, SMSI Treasurer, SMSI Treasury Report.

Art Struss, James Webb Space Telescope Presentation.

More presentations to follow.

McCrone Microscopy Training Courses

For more info see: SMSI Meeting in above menu bar.




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Meeting of October 5, 2022 at Northwestern:

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        Chicago Conservation News:

Rachel Sabino has an interesting article on

• "It broke: Dispatch from a Homeschooling Conservator".

Other topics of Art Inst. of Chgo articles:

• "The Secrets of a Mummy Emerge" by Arico, McIlvaine, and Tom

• "Nighthawks as Hope" A Curator Muses on Edward Hopper & Crisis" by Oehler

• "Conservation: The Dilemma of Extending Life" by Molina

See all at:


If you have ideas or suggestions for future meetings, please let us know. Just call or email any of the CACG officers (Susan, Mary, Carol, Inez, Amber or Maria).

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Please stay safe !!

Wear your mask and let us know how you are! We are in this together!

Check out photos from our most recent tour of the Ed Paschke Art Center meeting.

Under Photo Gallery / "Ed Paschke Art Center tour"

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Our Past CACG Meetings:

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 Photos from our visit to the Field Museum's "Behind the Scenes" meeting. Under Photo Gallery / Field Museum's "Behind the Scenes".

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Also you can see a video of "Undressing a Mannequin Timelaspe":


To see Frances Willard's Bio or history background ; go to "CACG Meetings" Frances Willard meeting flyer or to their website:

Photos and description of our visit to the Frances Willard House Museum is now available for viewing. Click on "Frances Willard Museum visit" under Photo Gallery.