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Save the Date for a Virtual Meeting on June 25 at 3:30 by Zoom.



"Tips and Tricks"


We all have tips and tricks to help us through our work day.  A special kind of weight or clamp?  The perfect tool for a tricky treatment?  An approach that will ease the return-to-work process?  


Please share your tips with the group.  You can throw a few images together in a PowerPoint, show us the tool, or just describe the process.  Please send Amber a one sentence description of your tip when you RSVP so that we can provide an agenda.


To attend the meeting, please RSVP to Amber and you will get an email with the Zoom invitation before the meeting.

Northwestern University Library is postponing the two demonstrations scheduled for March 18th due to the safety of preventing the spread of  COVID 19.  A new date in the future will be scheduled soon.

Please check back soon for the rescheduled date.

To see Frances Willard's Bio or history background ; go to "CACG Meetings" Frances Willard meeting flyer or to their website:


Photos and description of our visit to the Frances Willard House Museum is now available for viewing. Click on "Frances Willard Museum visit" under Photo Gallery.


Other interesting Links:

American Institute for Conservation


    McCrone Research Institute
     State Microscopical Society of Illinois
 International Preservation Studies Center (formerly known as The Campbell Center for Historic Preservation Studies) in Mt. Carroll, IL.

 Renewal time for your CACG membership 2020 is March 31, 2020.  if you  want to renew or make any changes to your membership, please print out your form and mail it to Mary. Form available - "under Membership" of the menu bar above. Or can bring the membership form & payment to the CACG meetings and give to any of the committee officers.

Latest Updates:

In order to help minimize the spread of Covid-19; there are a list of Museum closings.



You can also see the list under "Other News" above.

Upcoming meetings that we have planned for 2020. And they are:

- All real time meetings are proposed until further notices. In the meantime we are doing a Zoom Meetings 1-2 times per month until we are able to safely open up to the public.  Look for your emails about the Zoom meeting announcements.

Upcoming meetings for SMSI group :

(for more info click on "SMSI meetings" in the menu bar).

Dear SMSI Members and Friends,


For those of us who missed Meggan's online presentation on dispersion staining, Here is the link:




Meggan's presentation is a great introduction to dispersion staining and is a step-by-step procedure for making your own dispersion staining objective.


Meggan instructs us to make sure that we have adjusted our microscope optics to Kohler illumination.

Instructions for setting up your microscope can be found in "Polarized Light Microscopy" * Check the index for Kohler illumination.


Sebastian Sparenga's presentation on Microchemistry Fundamentals is also on that webpage. Both Meggan's and Sebastian's learning sessions are on

the McCrone YouTube channel:




Check out Dr. McCrone's presentation on the Shoud of Turin. There are a lot of educational videos to help us learn more about microscopy during these hunkering down times; opportunity has knocked....

"The Mystery of the Shroud of Turin" with Dr. McCrone talk:


And also don't forget to see Bill Kurtis' interview with Dr. McCrone, dedicated in 2003 "Walter C McCrone: A New Explorer":


Check out photos from our most recent tour of the Ed Paschke Art Center meeting.

Under Photo Gallery / "Ed Paschke Art Center tour"

 Photos from our visit to the Field Museum's "Behind the Scenes" meeting. Under Photo Gallery / Field Museum's "Behind the Scenes".

Also you can see a video of "Undressing a Mannequin Timelaspe":


Other related Chicago Conservation News:

Rachel Sabino has an interesting article on

• "It broke: Dispatch from a Homeschooling Conservator".

Other topics of Art Inst. of Chgo articles:

• "The Secrets of a Mummy Emerge" by Arico, McIlvaine, and Tom

• "Nighthawks as Hope" A Curator Muses on Edward Hopper & Crisis" by Oehler

• "Conservation: The Dilemma of Extending Life" by Molina

See all at: www.artic.edu/articles


If you have any ideas or suggestions for future meetings, please let us know. Just call or email any of the CACG officers (Susan, Mary, Carol, Inez, Amber or Maria).

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