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The Chicago area’s conservation community gathered at the Newberry Library to form the CACG in 1974. Founders and shapers of the organization were Paul Banks, Gary Frost, Louis Pomerantz, Dick Smith, Merrily Smith, and Robert Weinberg.
The group’s purpose is to promote learning and exchange ideas among those interested in, or responsible for, the preservation and protection of art, library, archival museum, or historical objects, and to foster social relationships among members, their friends, and guests. Membership in the group is open to all.

Current Officers (2023 - 2025)

President                Susan Russick
Program Chair       Maria Paras
Secretary                Melina Avery
Treasurer                Mary Moran
Webmaster            Tonia Grafakos
Archivist                 Carol Turchan

A copy of the constitution can be found here.

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