Intern Talk 2018 at Northwestern University Library

Daniel Kapling

Third-Year Graduate Intern

Field Museum of Natural History

Garman Art Conservation Dept., SUNY Buffalo

Daniel is a third-year graduate intern at the Field Museum of Natural History, where he is focused on archaeological and ethnographic conservation. The incredible collections at the Field Museum afford a wide range of materials and treatments, created an exciting and challenging intern experience. Daniel has discussed his work at the Field Museum, briefly touched on: preparation for the current Mummies exhibition, treating African materials for loans to other institutions, and the conservation of natural history models.

Roger Williams

Conservation Fellow

Northwestern University Libraries

Roger presented his research project that was conducted during his two-year fellowship at Northwestern Libraries: "The Optical Clearing of Repair Tissues for the Treatment of Translucent Papers." The project explored the physical aspects of paper transparency, and investigated the concept of optical clearing (transparentizing) of repair tissues, with the goal of achieving appropriate repairs on translucent papers without dramatically increasing the opacity of treated areas.

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