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The Ed Paschke Art Center commemorates the life and work of Ed Paschke, one of Chicago’s most famous artists. It also recognizes his contributions to the artistic life of the city as a cultural ambassador, teacher, family man, and friend.

"The space you work in is a reflection of you. (My studio is) an unconscious outgrowth of my personality"


                                         -Ed Paschke

Ed Paschke's Howard Street studio was his sanctuary workspace, hang out, classroom, alchemy lab and gallery. Housed within a former dentist's office, the studio was hot in the summer, cold in the winter, and bathed in chiefly artificial light.

The no-frills interior reflected the gritty neighborhood that surround it. Paschke chose the location based on his fondness for the noisy activity and diversity of people right outside his studio's front door.

Paschke's mature was made using tools and techniques popularized in the Renaissance. He employed an opaque projector as a drafting tool, similar to a camera obscura, or primitive projection device. In addition, he started each canvas with a black and white under painting, or grisalle. After methodically applying thin layers of colored glazes over this, Paschke achieved the depth of volume and radiant color his paintings are known for. This reimagining of his studio features original art works, objects and source material. Amassed over the twenty-four year period he worked there, these essential items both influenced and inspired him. This is the most extensive re-installation of Paschke's studio since the artist's death in 2004.

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