Samantha Hunt

Pre-program paintings conservation intern at Kuniej Berry Associates, LLC.

BFA Pre-Art Conservation from University of Denver.


"Treatment of a Mid-Twentieth Century Oil Painting by Jenne Megafan"

This presentation outlines the conservation treatment of Jenne Magafan's "Woman with Flowers". The treatment process was in constant dialogue between interpreting the artist's perceived intent and addressing decisions from prior treatment. The presentation also explains how biographical research on the artist greatly influenced treatment decisions, and shares the inspiring biography of little-known woman artist working in the Great Depression.

Krista Lough

Andrew W. Mellon Fellow in Photograph Conservation at Art Institute of Chicago.

MA in conservation from Buffalo State College.


"Recent Conservation Treatments in the Photography Department at the Art Institute of Chicago"

Her talk focused on the conservation treatments of two photographs, one from a recent past exhibition and one from an upcoming exhibtion. The first treatment presented is on a platinum print by the Austrian phtographer Heinrich Kühn, which was exhibited in Alfred Stieglitz and the Nineteenth Century. The second treatment was on a gelatin silver print by Gordon Parks from the upcoming exhibition Invisible Man: Gordon Parks and Ralph Ellison in Harlem.

                       "Intern and Fellow night"

at the Newberry Library on April 5th, 2016

CACG had an intern and two fellows give a short presentation about current projects that they had recently  worked on.

Pre-program Intern, Samantha Hunt talked about previous and current conservation treatments of Jenne Magafan's "Woman with Flowers" oil on canvas painting.

Krista Lough's presentation was about conservation treatments of two photographs: a platinum print by the Austrian photographer Heinrich Kühn (that was exhibited in 'Alfred Stieglitz and the nineteeth century) and the other photograph was a gelatin silver print by Gordon Parks for an upcoming exhibit 'Invisible Man: Gordon Parks and Ralph ellison in Harlem'.

And lastly was Kaslyne O'Connor, who discussed "Moonlights and Midnights; The evolution of Edward Steichen's 'Moonrise' prints.

Kaslyne O'Connor

Kress Conservation Fellow in the Department of Photography at the Art Institute of Chicago.

MA in paper conservation from Queens University at Kingston, Ontario.


"Moonlight and Midnight: The evolution of Edward Steichen's 'Moonrise' prints"

Prized as the quintessential painter-photographer, Edward Steichen was known to combine tender and intense subject matter with an excellence in technique and experimentation. In preparation of a final print, he often created multiple versions in order to test out subject matter with combinations of color effects. An example of this methodology is found in three curious variations of his 'Moonrise' prints. Each displaying unique characteristics, color palettes, and titles, the'Road into the Valley - Moonrise', 'Moonlight, Lake George', and 'Midnight Lake George' prints are an intriguing case for conservation analysis. To understand the variations within these prints, several analytical techniques have been performed and the results have be presented.

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