"Techniques of Japanese screen repair"

Presented by Olga Knopf, Senior Paper Conservator at Restoration Division.

And then afterwords, we had our wonderful Holiday Party at the Elks National Memorial at Diversey and Sheridan Rd. The catered food was from "Miss Asia", on Diversey near Sheridan. I think everyone who came enjoyed themselves and some brought their significant others and there were even a couple of children present. What a great way to meet family members and possibly "Future Conservators"?.
Anyway, it was interesting to see everyone from many different workplaces (The Field, CHM, CC, Restoration Division, Graphic Conservation, Liparini Restoration Studio, NW, UC, Retirees and "many" others) to ... "Be United" for the Holidays and come together for a common purpose: "To Conserve! and happy holidays to all!"

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